THE HUNTER FAMILY are Aboriginal artists Matilda Pascoe, Emily Hunter, Renee & Kathleen Clifton who are based in Broome, Western Australia. The family consists of three generations of artists. Matilda is the mother of Emily & Renee. Renee’s daughter is Kathleen, who is ten years of age.


Matilda comes from the Northern Desert of South Australia. Her artwork is influenced by her family connections & ancestors from her country in a remote area of the desert in Oak Valley, in South Australia. Matilda paints to connect to her ancestors & to sit down with her children & grandchildren to pass on her knowledge & stories of her past. Matilda passes down stories of the environment around her where she grew up which relates to hunting & gathering. It also involves waterholes, bush fruits,

land lines, bush animals & more.


Emily & Renee are full of richness of being able to paint from both of their paternal & maternal ancestral sides of the family. Emily & Renee are contemporary artist & paint from the environment they live in & from stories passed down from their parents & grandparents. Their designs are mainly inspired by native flora, fauna & the natural environment they live in.

Both sisters have ancestors that originate from the Southern Desert in Australia & the fresh water & salt water country in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.


Kathleen is ten years old & is a natural Aboriginal artist who loves painting. She has been sitting down with her mother from when she was two years old doing paintings & sketching animals. Since Kathleen is getting older she has begun incorporating Aboriginal Art concepts into her artwork. Kathleen is inspired by all the richness that has been passed down from stories from

her grandmothers & grandfather’s country.


Kathleen sits down now & paints with her grandmother Matilda on a regular occasion. Kathleen & her grandmother Matilda

have been carrying out collaborative artwork together &

sharing their ideas. Kathleen’s background shows she paints from her ancestors from the desert in South Australia, the salt water & fresh water areas from the Kimberley & the Pilbara.


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