SEAN CAULFIELD is a contemporary Artist based in South Africa.

Sean was born in England in 1969 & immigrated to South Africa with his parents at the age of two. He showed a keen interest

in art from an early age & excelled at high school where he painted landscapes, seascapes, portraits & abstracts in oils & acrylics. Sean has undertaken numerous commissions,

including a portrait of Nelson Mandela, which was

presented to the president in 1997 to commemorate

"Freeman of the city of Cape Town".

Using his unique rock moulding technique, he has also undertaken " rock feature and cave building " & has coordinated the design & construction of a 300 square meter cave inside "Museum Africa" - Johannesburg, as well as a 100 square

meter replica of the Cango Caves, in Oudtshoorn.

Sean has exhibited his art extensively in South Africa since 1990, & internationally in the U.S.A, Australia, Switzerland, Germany

& United Kingdom. He is a gallery owner in Cape Town's Waterfront since 1996 & this is where he exhibits his rock art & you might be lucky to catch him demonstrating his techniques.


Sean has always been passionate about his art & in 1990 he saw the potential of painting on moulded rock as a canvas. In giving birth to his idea he took different colour stone aggregates (sands) & mixed it with resin compressing it into a mould taken from the living rock surfaces in nature, thus making it look & feel extremely realistic. One's first impression is that it is a real piece of rock which may appear heavy but after closer examination you soon realise that it is very light-weight & strong as it is backed by fibre glass. His mediums are oxides & oils, in his painting style he draws his main inspiration from the ancient Rock Art of Southern Africa. In addition to him painting in the traditional style of the ancient San Bushmen peoples (also known as the Khoisan) he presents a series of wildlife

paintings and abstracts.

" I am inspired to create my style of art because it aligns to the ancient rock art of a time long long ago, it amazes me to consider the mind that created this ancient art & that i can bring it alive through my art in our modern times, it holds deep understandings for us now to contemplate & I bring this through in my abstract works". - SEAN CAULFIELD.


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