RACHEL MADELINE PEREIRA is a contemporary Artist based

in Somerset, U.K. Rachel is a passionate & prolific self-taught artist, writer & vocal performer. Her recent Art exhibition ~

‘The Witch in the Wardrobe’, at Strode Theatre was hugely successful & was launched by Michael Eavis.


" I am a self-taught artist from the (love)heart of Somerset.

I grew up in a red house on a hill & it were all green fields

round there. I spent much of my spare time drawing & writing, which started by copying animals & famous people from encyclopedias, writing my own "choose your own adventure" books. I used to make cards & wrap them in cling film to

make them look professional & try to sell them to my

Mum & Dad's friends for 20p.

I often wrote plays & my lovely neighbour Nora would come & watch them, stories of magical children lost in a forest.

I was very inspired as a child by the walks my father took us on, to woodland & wasteland. I had quite mystical experiences by stumbling upon graffiti on an abandoned railway track, how incredible to see Vaughn Bode creatures bigger than me, in pink & yellow on old walls & Marylin Monroe the side of a whole railway building.

I seek now to convey this sense of awe of the natural world conjunct art. the naive & unexpecting, unanalysing eyes of a child coming alive with colour."





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