PIA KJAERGAARD is a contemporary Artist based in Denmark.

Her work focuses on sensory expression, sensitivity & abstraction through her personal world of colour, form & emotion. Her work embodies a depth of feminine

psyche in which worlds merge & where a fluid symphony,

pours out onto the surfaces of the canvas. 


Her latest collection of work -


 "INNER AWAKENING"- Pia explores her intimate relationship with her depth of process, aliveness, whilst witnessing the inner landscape of feeling moving into a form of its own accord.


"I use my feminine sensory system to go deep

into the connection between, all that is

difficult to put into words but is essential

for the human experience.
I thrive here, I live here, I belong here.

Deeply connected to the connection.

It's my intention that the viewer through my paintings connect with that deeper part of themselves and remember their capacity as a human being." - PIA KJAERGAARD.


Private Art Commissions for clients all over the world are available from PIA KJAERGAARD.

Please feel free to email to discuss your requirements for a commission & to explore a date for its completion. ​

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