OBASI UCHECHUKWU is a contemporary Artist based

in Nigeria, Africa. 

"My art style, called wordism is one where the entire

work is composed of words. Through this style, I express

my inner feelings, dreams, fears, hopes, observations & aspirations. My work seeks to blend the visual power of

art with the literal power of words.

Through my work, I also literally speak on social

issues affecting the society. 
The full gamut as to what my style can achieve is endless;

It can be used to express love, illustrate a thought, pass a message, create a puzzle, or convey an idea.

Whatever the case may be, this style seeks to arouse pure curiosity in the mind of the viewer, therefore I seek to make

my style appreciated not just for its aesthetic beauty, but

also for its ability to relay information in such a different

manner than other forms of art.

It would be difficult to put my style in line with a particular movement because my style was born out of the need

to blend the past with the present & future that is why one

can see both impressionism, symbolism and contemporary art

in my works as I seek to blend these movements into one.

In the near future, I believe that my work will evolve to achieve its full potential in its mission to blend words with visual forms."





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