NIKI WHITE is a contemporary artist based in London UK, working in three main areas: sculpture, photography & painting. Niki's work, much like the artist herself, is layered with rich tapestries of ancient story, texture & meaning, all eloquently leading you to a world where art & spirit become one.

"I’m fascinated and seduced, always in the most cunning

of ways by that which remains (for the most part), unseen.

The layers also, they define me and my work,

and of course the space between it all.

Yes, and for me, those spaces mostly ignored are rather like warm honey cracking ice. How could I resist!

They pull me in and back you see, not only by my

dreams that fall to canvas, but also by those seemingly

left behind for mother nature.…you know, bone, feather, fragments of wood, stone, shell and such.


Oh, but once alone with these broken dreams, I find

myself immediately engaging with the story they’ve

been longing to share.

For lifetimes probably.

And so it is. I weave for them, these long gone ones,

and I pick through the fibres of their song, singing it over.

For you, for me, but mostly just for them, and in their undoing,

a brand new story begins.

Giving voice to soul…I guess that’s what I do.."





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