NICKI HUGHES is a contemporary Artist based in Somerset, U.K.

Nicki is an Intuitive Abstract Artist who works with the subtle energies around her & around the clients she paints for.



"Nicki was born in Somerset and has been working all

her life as a holistic therapist. She began to paint with watercolours in the early 90s as way to switch off from

her busy job. Early mindfulness! -


Ironically, she became so busy, the paints were put away for nearly 20 years! Recently drawn to re-visit her love for contemporary art, especially the power of colour and how paint moves on different papers and canvas, she has re-ignited her artistic talents and moved into Energy Art.


Nicki is now working with acrylics, for the high-intensity

colours and fast drying properties, rarely using brushes,

but preferring to use her breath to move the paint

through bamboo straws.

Working with knives and drumming techniques she

creates dynamic pieces on hand made rag paper from

Two Rivers Mill on Exmoor.

The power of water is held within the paper,

connecting perfectly with the energy that Nicki

embeds within each piece.


Her work evolves as she moves with the energies

around her, taking inspiration from the seasons and beautiful gardens and countryside around the area.


Energy Art is a unique way of working.


Each piece is an original.".




Private Art Commissions for clients all over the world are available from NICKI HUGHES.

Please feel free to email to discuss your requirements for a commission & to explore a date for its completion. ​

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