MEGAN WAKELAM is a contemporary Artist based

in Somerset, U.K. She is an abstract landscape artist

exploring the realm of site-specific work, using large scale unstretched canvases to capture the elements &

atmosphere of the space outdoors where Megan is

inspired & creates her body of work.


"Through studying Fine Art at Plymouth University, 

being close by the coast greatly influenced my art, as my awe grew for the vast, blue entities of sea & sky that surround us.


Driven by ecological visions, my paintings evoke a deep connection with the ocean & depict senses of vast atmospheres. 

A fascination for discovering new perspectives of the earth, 

our human relationship with time & space, revealing hints of aerial views & celestial bodies. 

Alchemy embeds itself into the paintings through washes of paint that reflect the unpredictable processes of organic matter. Hints of horizons & landmasses emerge through the surfaces

& the transient hazes speak of distance & intimacy. "





Private Art Commissions for clients all over the world are available from MEGAN WAKELAM.

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