MARK SULLIVAN is a contemporary Artist based

in Devon, U.K. Mark is completely self-taught with a

natural gift for understanding the subtle qualities & ranges

of colour, His work explores the gentle fusion of traditional watercolours with vibrant hints of abstraction.


"My name is Mark Sullivan, I am from Plymouth & I am an engineer. Recently retired from the military I now work in the civilian sector & I paint because I love it.

My interest in art has always existed, however, my exploration into this world has been relatively recent. I have found that it is my haven without rules, which is so far from the engineering & military rigidity I have lived within for so long.

Having been fortunate to travel the globe, I draw my inspiration from the rich, interesting & diverse life & cultures that exist around the world. My style & direction is still developing; I enjoy painting in a looser & less controlled manner & love watching the colours mix randomly on the paper.

This is the first time I have exposed my paintings publicly. They are a snapshot of my developing journey, style & confidence through the art world & I hope you enjoy them."





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