LIS O'KELLY is a contemporary Artist

based in U.K.

"I am a lover of life, a dreamer, a rebel, a discoverer, an adorer of colour. I started out as an interior designer but in recent years felt a deep desire to paint & to express who I am in this way.


I see art as so much more than just the act of’s a journey of self-discovery. It is truth expressing. It is healing &

a way to make sense of our internal & external worlds.


To make art is to go on a mysterious & magical adventure,

a voyage into the unknown. 


I believe Art is my soul’s voice, calling out from deep within me. Through listening to this voice, using meditation, music,

dance & mindfulness as tools to assist me, I can explore its messages & give them form.


I can allow whatever needs to come forth to emerge from the depths of my being."





Private Art Commissions for clients all over the world are available from LIS O'KELLY.

Please feel free to email to discuss your requirements for a commission & to explore a date for its completion. ​

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