KIM VON COELS is a contemporary Artist based

in Somerset, U.K. Kim is known Internationally

as a specialist in her field as a LightPainter.

She works with both natural & artificial light

through the medium of photography.

"For me creating is about enjoying yourself. It's about feeling connected with the people I am creating with. It's about spending time with people who inspire me in places that

inspire me. Over the years I have played with many mediums,

but photography has always been a constant. I not only use it

to document things that I see, I use it to create things

that are in my imagination. In a world of photo editing, post-processing and digital manipulation I want to focus on creating an image within the camera. 

I like to use a variety of unusual photographic techniques, both digital and analogue to explore various ways of manipulating light to create dreamlike portraits. The way I create images makes me engage differently with my subjects

and develop a special kind of relationship through

the experience of sharing the process.

Playing with light, time, layers, fabric, stencils, smoke,

mirrors, water, darkness. My photographs are usually

centred around the empowered women, the female form. Drawing inspiration from shapes and colours, nature,

magic, ethereal and femininity. 

I like to take a picture of the real person, as they are,

revealing their beauty to them without changing it in

any way, but presenting them in an unreal world."





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