KERRY WILDE is a Contemporary Artist based in the U.K.

She has been expressing herself through poetry, art, movement & performance since she was a young child. Kerry has a natural affinity with the space she moves through & carries a profound wisdom on feminine embodiment. Her work is powerfully expressed through her live art performance pieces created for female only audiences, along with her photographic

pieces & live video performances online.

Her latest collection of work -

 "VENUS BLOOMS" explores Kerrys deep diving journey into her own expansive wisdom of sensuality, her deep pool of feminine psyche communicates the rare softness of poetry, that is often not found in words, yet can be felt in those subtle moments when dusk arrives & daytime somehow

moves to one side with sublime grace to allow

night time to take over the skies.

It is this effortless subtle natural motion between worlds that Kerrys work communicates so powerfully, from performance art to photographic pieces & being witness to one of her a performance pieces can leave you feeling profoundly touched without knowing why, yet at the same time somehow you feel the sense of "deep beauty" whispering love songs into the installation space.

Kerrys innate spatial awareness is literally out of this world,

as you feel her somehow changing the molecules of the

space as she commands Pure Magic!



"The language of the body unveils the unseen mysteries

of ones truth. Vulnerability meets Sensation meets Feminine interaction, a pathway taking me to the depths of my being.

A Response - In motion is where I discover the hidden

sanctums of freedom within.


My work is a deep exploration of the poems that keep me

awake at night. Sculpted form in flow, is a practice of surrender to the unknown, as my vessel responds and emanates the otherworldly breath of life beyond.




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