JAIME FILIPE is a contemporary artist based in Portugal. He is an incredible Land artist who carries within his work the acute, rich language of our sensitivity & relationship with nature if only we would take the time to notice its real existence.



"In essence Jaime Filipes Land Art is a dip into the infinite capacity for artistic expression that exists in the effective relation of Man to Nature, the mother of a universe of materials that fill all the ranges of color, of all shapes & forms, through stones & sediments, plants & sticks, leaves & flowers, seeds & fruits.


Utilizing the established dynamics between the elements of the earth, water, fire & air, & a selective & creative use of the source of materials that Nature offers,


Man finds his place of therapy within Nature itself, where everything is ephemeral. The cycles of sunlight & moonlight, together with the four annual seasons, spring, summer,

autumn, & winter, & other cycles above, as below, allow

for the expansion of the experience of this dive.

turns into flight, in an authentic dream.


In its materialization, Jaimes Land Art takes the form of an artistic project with interventions in forests, ponds, rivers & beaches, with facilities at festivals held in nature, with the production of events open to the public & the creation of facilities in gardens public or private, in the cities, & with the production of larger scale handicrafts.


 Finally, Jaimes Land Art is, through all its creations, a voice of solidarity with Nature, towards all the native peoples of our planet, who suffer the consequences of what we call evolution, but which destroys our Nature.


It is a voice of encouragement so that all parents

take their children to Nature. It is a voice that

speaks with the heart of Nature."



Private Art Commissions for clients all over the world are available from JAIME FILIPE.

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